Friday, March 6, 2009

Funny kids...

You gotta love kids. Just when you think you are doing a great job teaching them about the gospel, they throw you a curve ball. Being a verteran teacher (and one who teaches 22 kindergarteners everyday) I learned I could do a better job. Months ago we had a family home evening lesson about the Golden Plates being hidden in the hill. We talked at length about who hid them there, why they were hidden and what Joseph's role was in the whole thing. After the lesson (as a good teacher should!), we reviewed with the boys what they learned, hoping they learned something! We asked the boys what was hidden in the hill and Jeff thought for a moment and said, "Oh! It was the gold forks!". Hmmm. He thought dinnerware was an important part of church history. On another occasion we learned about the Liahona. We reviewed that the Liahona only worked when Lehi's family was righteous. If they were wicked, it didn't work and they didn't know where to go. Jeff immediately asked, with a confused look on his face, why they didn't just go get batteries when it didn't work. Hmmm...missed the whole point of divine intervention. No Targets down the street back then. My personal favorite was when Jeff was 3, he came home from nursery during the Christmas season with a tiny baby Jesus doll in a manger. One day, while folding laundry in the next room, I heard this conversation: "No baby. You're in time out. You need to make a better choice. I will get you a tissue." Yes, you guessed it, he put baby Jesus in time-out. Oh, what a proud and horrifying moment for me. I can imagine the giggling of a few people not of this world. The first and only time Jesus will ever be put in time-out.

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